Joanie St-Kaminsky is a faggot, transsexual, multidisciplinary poet, nonbinary trans girl, high futch, queer, antizionist Jew, anarchic, disabled, neurodivergent, autistic, crazy, and whatever else you are going to call it.

She uses she/it pronouns, whichever makes you personally most uncomfortable.

Her poetry has been featured in Peach Mag, Tiny Spoon, Apricity Press, Memory Collective-19, and others. Its poem "St. John in the Wilderness" was shortlisted for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs' 2019 Intro Journals Project.

She has performed for Personal Pizza Party's Perusal Parties, Juniper Bends & Queer Girls Literary Reading Series, and others.

It resides in so-called Crown Heights, Brooklyn, occupied Canarsie land.